All-Natural Vs Certified Organic: Let’s Clear the Air

All-Natural Vs Certified Organic: Let’s Clear the Air

With so many chemical ingredients in consumer skincare products these days, there is a felt need of the importance of going back to natural and shunning synthetic toxins. For that reason, we often see and hear several consumer brands flaunting labels like “100% natural,” “paraben-free,” “organic,” etc. But what exactly do they mean? Without a clear understanding of these terms, it is easy to assume that they’re all the same but that’s simply not the case.

So, let’s clear the air now so you know the difference between these terms. In general, ‘natural’ products or substances are those which have been produced from ingredients found in nature. Whereas, ‘organic’ products refer to natural products that have been obtained organically without the use of synthesized chemicals or other additives.

At, we’ve launched a range of baby skincare products that are certified organic containing organic and natural products. By natural, it means that the products do not contain any artificial additives, parabens, petroleum or alcohol and absolutely no toxins, synthetic fragrance, mineral oils or silicones.

Organic ingredients translate to those natural ingredients that have been grown naturally without the aid of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or fertilisers.

The products are not just natural but also certified organic. Considering the fact that a baby’s skin is incredibly delicate, requiring rich nourishment free of any harmful chemicals, these products have been formulated with the goodness of both organic and natural ingredients.

Now it is worth noting here that not all products in the market that claim to be natural or organic are necessarily so. One must check if the product or brand making such claims has any certification to verify their claims. National and internationally recognised certifications are obtained after thorough audit(s) to confirm the product’s adherence to these strict regulations, awarding them the certification.’s organic certification bears testimony to its painstaking efforts in building young parents’ trust and faith in the brand. Taking into consideration the highest standards in skincare with regards to its ingredients, has formulated products that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The certified organic baby skincare products by do not contain any artificial additives, toxins, parabens, petroleum, alcohol, synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, and silicones. Each of the products’ ingredients is mindfully hand-picked from nature.

When you purchase any of the baby skincare products by, be it a certified organic head-to-toe foam wash, a certified organic multi-purpose baby cream or an organic baby oil, you know that these are COSMOS ORGANIC certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to COSMOS Standard.

So the next time you are picking a product for your baby, do check its ingredients, the labels and most importantly an industry recognised international certification which guarantees that you are holding a product of quality, certified organic skin care and that it’s safe for you and your loved ones.

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