Believe the Hype: Organic Baby Care

Believe the Hype: Organic Baby Care

Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned offspring producer, picking the right baby skincare products from your local supermarket or pharmacy can be an overwhelming experience. There is a perplexing variety of options available out there, putting onerous responsibility on anxious young parents to select the best for their little one. Prior to parenthood, focus on ingredients in our personal care products was limited. If the packaging caught our eye, it made it to our bathroom shelves. If it didn’t suit our skin, no problem, we would look for something else next time around.

When it comes to choosing products for your young one’s skin, though, it is hardly as simple. Because we can’t do trials on our baby’s pristine and delicate skin. Their skin is much more permeable than adult skin. So, it is very important to feel sure about the product you are applying. And if we check the labels closely of most baby products in the market today, what we see is disturbing. Parabens, synthetic colours, artificial fragrances and chemicals galore.

So, what’s a parent to do when faced with the daunting task of picking products for their baby’s super delicate skin?

Choose Organic

The simple answer is: choose organic. When it is a question of what ingredients we are putting on our child’s skin, only the best will do. So, what makes the best organic baby skin-care products the only choice? They are made of natural ingredients that have been grown without any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or fertilisers. A baby’s skin is incredibly soft and sensitive, and baby products that are made with organic ingredients and are organic certified. As a pristine creation of nature, your baby deserves nothing short of the best [that is, organic]. It is better for you, better for your child and better for our environment.

What is the difference between organic and natural?

The definition of ‘natural’ is quite misleading, especially when it comes to the skin-care industry. Products containing ingredients that come from natural sources are labelled natural, but they may not be organically produced. This means they contain preservatives and chemicals or have been grown using pesticides. What’s worse, product makers only have to include 0.01% ingredients that are ‘natural’ to be able to market their product as such.

‘Natural’ refers to products or substances produced by a living organism found in nature, whereas ‘organic’ products refer to natural products that have been obtained in an organic manner without being altered, grown or developed with synthesised chemicals or other additives.

How do we know what’s organic and who monitors what goes in?

A lot of products in the market may claim the term ‘contains natural or organic ingredients’ but the rest of the product could contain chemicals that are not suitable for anyone, be it an adult or a baby. So, the most important thing is to look for a recognised certification like Ecocert that will guarantee you best baby skin-care products. Set up in France in 1991, Ecocert is one of the largest organic certification organisations in the world. The Ecocert certification guarantees that 95% of the ingredients are naturally derived and a high percentage of those ingredients are organic.

Another global standardisation is given by COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) which is known to set out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics. These certifications are incredibly robust and thorough so that consumers and the industry can trust that a brand carrying the Ecocert and COSMOS stamps are good for them and the environment.

By purchasing products which come with an Ecocert stamp of approval, you’ll know that the product has had to adhere to extremely strict guidelines put in place by the governing body. These include but are not limited to ingredient quality and mildness control, 100% organic and natural ingredient approval, and are void of parabens, harmful chemicals, synthetic colour or excessive fragrances – all of which are high irritants to delicate skin. You can also be assured that environmental care has been considered too. As well as being friendly on baby’s skin, the main principles of Ecocert is to create products in respect of the environment and consumers.

Knowledge is power

When it comes to looking after a baby’s skin in a conscious environment, information is redemptive. Next time you’re shopping for skin care products for your little bundle of joy, get rid of the anxiety and arm yourself with the power of certified nature. When you know how to look for effective, natural and organic options, making safe decisions for your little ones will become a breeze – and will do a world of good.

Packed with the goodness of organic, natural ingredients, our Ecocert certifications and the COSMOS certifications is what sets the's brand of baby skincare products apart from all others in the market. Created by a team of doting parents who are as anxious as you to procure the best skincare for babies, baby skincare products have undergone multiple tests to ease all worries and earn the trust of new parents. Each of our products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, paediatrician certified and cruelty-free and vegan too!

Behind all the worry about choosing the right product is the desire to do the best for our babies, to surround them with love and give them the best possible start. With organic baby products like, you can say bye to inflammation and welcome a soothing, moisturising, nourishing and rejuvenating protection that your baby deserves. So welcome organic, cheer goodness!

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