Conscious Parenting: Your One Year Old’s Nutritious Food Guide

Conscious Parenting: Your One Year Old’s Nutritious Food Guide

Cheers on completing one year as a mom! The journey might have had its ups and downs and at times must have felt like an ordeal. Yet here you are, with your cuddly, wee bundle, all grown, a full year older. This is a special milestone and while it might be hard for you to come to terms with your baby, as s/he transitions into a toddler, don’t forget that this calls for a whole new set of experiences, joys, and journeys. As your baby turns one, s/he will begin interacting with you and be more inquisitive with each passing day. All this fun and frolic is really important for your child’s physical and mental development. To ensure that you have their back, it’s important to give them nutritious baby foods that keep them going. After completing 12 months, your toddler would require 1000 calories, 600 IU of vitamin D, 700 mg of calcium and 7 mg of iron each day to support proper growth.

In order to have the right foods and nutrients in your baby’s food chart, it’s important to sort through the clutter and prioritize foods that bolster effective growth and development.


Your little one hasn’t yet mastered the jaw-grinding motion that assists in proper chewing. Oatmeal is a wonderful option for a one-year-old as they transition into chewing. This nutritional powerhouse has an easy-to-swallow texture and a balance of vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and healthy fats. It also has a rich amount of fiber to keep your baby’s digestive tract healthy. Pro-tip: opt for a homemade, organic blend instead of store-bought, processed brands, to limit their intake of added sugar and other unnecessary preservatives.

Peaches, Bananas and Other Soft Fruits

As your baby turns one, s/he starts developing their pincer grasp. This includes maneuvering food with their fingertips, which means it’s great to introduce them to some finger-friendly foods. Soft, bite-sized bits of fruits are a brilliant choice as your child begins to experiment with self-feeding. Besides offering nutrients, they are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and help develop healthy eating habits in babies. You can even make a smoothie out of them or cut them into tiny pieces for an excellent snack when on the go.

Firm or Silken Tofu

Tofu, whether silken or firm, is packed with calcium, iron, and protein. It’s a wonderfully versatile product that can accompany any sweet or savory dish. Silken tofu can be blended into flavorful smoothies or mashed into bananas, cottage cheese or avocado. With a neutral flavor, all that it offers is hearty nutrition. Firm tofu can be tossed into soups or stir-fried with some gentle seasonings.

Note: Avoid it if your baby is diagnosed with a soy allergy.


With healthy fats, proteins, and other nutrients to its credit, hummus is an amazing food to ensure baby nutrition at this age. Hummus can be spread on your baby’s favorite protein source or steamed veggies. Introduce in small amounts. Although there are many store-bought options, we recommend preparing it at home. Blending a bit of garlic, olive oil, soaked or cooked chickpeas, and sesame butter until the mix turns into a smooth paste, for deliciously healthy, creamy hummus made at home.

As your baby completes one year, there’s a lot going on with them. They are learning to sense hunger, experimenting with self-feeding, and asserting their independence among other pertinent developmental milestones. The above-mentioned best nutritious foods for babies will assist your little one, as they navigate through this period of growth and change. The key is to select foods that are soft, easy-to-chew, and high on nutrition.

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