COVID19: Manage Work from Home with a Newborn Like A Pro

COVID19: Manage Work from Home with a Newborn Like A Pro

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live. One of `the key learnings that we take away from these uncertain times is that “Life must go on”. Work culture has changed, and more and more businesses are encouraging employees to work from home. For a mother with a very young baby or a toddler, this can be both a blessing and a challenge in equal measure.

Working from home offers unique opportunities to stay close to and bond with your little one(s). It helps you breastfeed, eat healthy meals, read and sing to your baby more often than you otherwise would, and helps you be present for those precious milestones that your baby will soon be hitting. However, it adds extra pressure on you as you juggle motherhood and professionalism at the same time. It helps to remember that India is home to the largest child population in the world and there are millions of parents in the same situation. Here are some parenting tips to efficiently navigate the maze of dual responsibilities and working from home with a baby or a toddler.

Getting help

One of the key challenges that you are likely to face as you work from home with a new-born is that your baby or toddler may require constant supervision. This is particularly true of babies that have started to crawl or walk but even infants need a lot of undivided attention. If your partner is also working from home, you may want to draw up a schedule and take up shifts attending to the little one while the other works. Having grandparents willing to help also works wonders – it’s a blessing and a weight off your shoulder.

Routine, Routine, Routine

Young babies are quite often sticklers for a routine. You may want to reinforce proper naptime, feed times, and bathing schedules to help you plan a proper work day. At work, you may want to opt in for projects that allow you considerable flexibility and work late at night or in the early hours of the morning. Do not forget to capitalise on nap times to schedule meetings or to return calls.

Plan the pauses

Working from home with a newborn or a toddler means that there will be interruptions. In the changed scenario where everyone is working from personal spaces, it is important to be understanding. Be ready to hit the mute button or take a break if your child is being exceptionally fussy. Remain guilt free at all times.

Unwind and relax

Balancing work and baby can be quite a challenge. It is best to accept this and learn to enjoy the ride. Your living room or study may not look perfect at all times but that’s ok. It is important to take the weekends off and unwind. Only a happy parent can make a good parent and a professional employee.

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