Let ‘Organic’ Nourish Your Baby’s Skin This Summer

Let ‘Organic’ Nourish Your Baby’s Skin This Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives across the world, affecting billions of humans in multiple ways. The collapsing of old structures and subsequent ‘slowing down’ have created room for deep introspection though. It is evident that we can’t go back to the old ‘normal’ anymore; it’s neither feasible nor safe. If nothing else, these times have taught us the importance of simple, organic living. Whether it’s about boosting our immunity or taking care of the skin, ‘organic’ is the way forward from here.

If we think about our little ones, it is worth noting that they haven’t seen much of our older world and in fact, that’s the best thing that has happened to them. As parents, we want the best for our kids. So, this is the perfect time to begin afresh and switch to a healthier lifestyle. That is how we can give our children a better future.

Baby Care and ‘Organic’

The delicate skin of your little one is super-vulnerable to the vices around, especially in the first few months after birth. A lot of baby care products commonly found in the market are formulated with chemical nasties – toxins, petroleum, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, and phthalates among many others. These chemicals may enter your baby’s skin tissues and damage it after prolonged use.

As a parent, you would never want something like this to happen to your baby. So why compromise your baby's skin and health by resorting to such damaging products when Mother Nature is ready to guide your way? Organic baby skincare entails naturally sourced ingredients sourced without any artificial chemicals or harmful pesticides, to nourish and nurture the baby's super delicate skin, just how it is supposed to be.

‘Organic’ Baby Skin Care in Summers - Super-gentle, ‘super-natural’ In the tropical summers of India, taking adequate care of your baby and their skin can become even more bothersome. This tricky season needs your baby to adapt to the changing temperature and atmospheric humidity and sometimes, the change doesn’t go well with them. Summer-time skin issues like heat rash, dry skin, baby acne, etc. trouble your baby to the core, making them feel uncomfortable and agitated most of the time. If proper baby summer care is not ensured, the situation may become worse.

When we say, ‘proper baby summer care’, we clearly don’t encourage the usage of chemical-loaded baby products; we are suggesting you welcome ‘organic’ - simply because it’s safer, healthier, and gentler.

Here are some quick summer baby care tips for a happy, healthy baby. Have a glance:


Bathing your baby in summers is quite a task but nevertheless, an important one. If your baby doesn’t get a proper bath, the dust and sweat will settle down on their skin and cause unwanted complications.

When you are bathing your baby, make sure that you opt for certified organic bathing products such as goodness.me certified organic head-to-toe foam wash and goodness.me certified organic baby soap. These products are formulated using organic ingredients like organic chamomile, organic coconut-based cleansing agent, organic lavender, organic rose, organic olive oil, and organic jojoba oil that are completely safe on your baby’s delicate skin, keeping it cleansed and nourished.

Pro tip – Once you bathe your baby, pat her or him completely dry, or else the germs could inhabit the residue moisture and invite skin complications.


During summers, your baby’s skin may lose moisture, leading to complications like dry skin. This is why keeping your baby’ skin well-hydrated becomes pertinent. No, that doesn't mean you have to shield your baby’s skin using silicone or phthalate-rich baby moisturisers. As it is a question of your baby's skin, we are simply asking you to be more conscious.

With goodness.me certified organic baby lotion, you can keep all your apprehensions at bay and hydrate your baby's delicate skin in a super safe and gentle, nourishing way. Made with super-safe organic ingredients like organic shea butter and organic aloe vera, it leaves your baby’s skin extra soft and supple, all day long.

Pro- tip: For best results, apply this certified organic baby moisturizer on your baby’s skin after bath.


The summer weather can prove to be detrimental to your baby’s skin if proper skin care is not ensured. From diaper rash to itchy skin, there are numerous skin issues that may complicate the situation. While chemical-loaded products may promise faster recovery, they tend to damage your baby’s delicate skin tissues and further aggravate the problem eventually. The best way to deal with summertime baby skin issues is to use organic baby care products like goodness.me certified organic multi-purpose cream. Packed with ingredients like organic chamomile, organic aloe vera, organic glycerine, and organic rose water, this cream keeps your baby’s skin safeguarded against all kinds of skin issues.

Pro-tip: If you are using goodness.me certified organic multi-purpose cream for diaper rash, make sure that you thoroughly clean the area, pat it completely dry and then apply the cream.

With these simple and important tips in your knowledge, you can now go forward and gift your baby the goodness of organic this summer!

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