Modern Parenting: It's Also about Dads

Modern Parenting: It's Also about Dads

It takes two to effectively parent a child and provide them with the right environment and support to grow and achieve.

While motherhood brings a lot of joy to your life, it can also cause a lot of stress. This is when the role of the father becomes extremely significant. a father is certainly more than just being physically present with your head dug in work, smartphone, or your laptop. Embarking on a journey as special as that of parenthood requires an ultimate parent dyad with both partners involved in the parenting process, while supporting each other and playing off what the other partner requires.

The Need for Balance between Parents

When it comes to parenting, balance is the key. In fact, for any family unit to function efficiently and to adapt to the changes on the arrival of a new member smoothly heralds the synchronous functioning of the family as a whole. Taking care of a baby requires long stretches of undivided attention and a swift rhythmic movement and transition of roles between both the mother as well as the father.

This not only implies that the two are attuned to each other but also makes equal space for the father to partake in roles and responsibilities. The balance that is required here is not only restricted between professional roles or those within the home while being a parent. This requires a conscious, serious decision on the part of parents and even more so of the father to be actively engaged in the process of their child’s upbringing. Staying involved with your child is one aspect that can never be emphasised enough in their overall development.

The Small Things a Father Can Do

Ever since a baby is born, they are faced with innumerous germs and chemicals that can harm them. So, something as simple as choosing what products are safe for your baby’s precious skin can go a long way in ensuring that as a father, you are actively participating in your child’s life. Considering all the chemical ingredients being widely used in most products available in the market, brings to you a wide range of certified organic and organic baby skincare products for you to choose from. As a general rule of thumb, almost everyone can benefit from using skincare products that are certified organic and contain zero nasties. However, when it comes to our precious little babies, the reasons for going ‘au naturel’ with their skincare products become absolutely necessary!

The small things that a father can be engaged with while caring for the baby are sufficient in order to have a positive influence upon the little one’s development, while also ensuring that the mother feels supported as well. Whether it is about choosing the certified organic baby lotion or the most effective diaper rash or multi-purpose baby cream, has got you covered.

Learn the Basics

As a responsible father yourself, you should be extremely mindful of the products that you put on your little one’s skin. It is best to use skincare products that are certified organic or organic, made with organic ingredients, certified by international bodies, and have zero nasties. It is always convenient to have a sufficient supply of lotions around in order to keep your baby’s delicate skin moisturised, always.

The role of a father is no longer limited to just earning the daily bread. Modern day fathers are playing an equally important role in parenting their kid. Right from supporting their partners in feeding the baby to hugging, cuddling, interacting and engaging in leisure and developmental activities with the kid, fathers are playing an active role in raising their children in a positive way.

From certified organic baby creams and lotions to an exclusive bath range, specially made to protect the soft skin of your little one - has it all. Our products are brimming with the goodness of organic ingredients such as chamomile, rose, lavender, glycerine, and aloe vera, and much more.

Considering the significant influence and the impact that a father can actually have in spurring the health, well-being, and development of a child makes it imperative that fathers find ways of engaging in caring and spending quality time with their children.

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