Self-Care Guide for Moms to Be

Self-Care Guide for Moms to Be

Embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood guarantees a rollercoaster of emotions and rediscovering yourself along with the baby. Having a baby is one of the biggest life-changing events for a woman. It is almost like having a new set of reading glasses on. There is a different perspective for everything ranging from food and choices to senses such as smell. From the point you get the news of becoming a mother, you start thinking of the tiny minuscule baby with crazy excitement and anxiousness.

The next nine months are spent fussing over the preparations for the little one - from choosing the best natural baby lotion to getting the most comfortable cradle for your little one. More often than not moms-to-be see their needs and requirements falling by the wayside. However, it is essential to remember that pregnancy isn’t just about the baby. It is a time to celebrate the mother in you as well while taking immense care of your emotional and physical wellbeing. We all know that a happy mama makes a happy baby!

As you prepare to bring your bundle of joy into this world, we have some self-care tips for you to indulge in the much deserved prenatal pampering. These touch various aspects of a wholesome living including fitness, diet needs, and mental wellbeing.

Get Moving

As you get heavier and the bump gets bigger, exercise might be the last thing you would want to indulge in. However, exercise during pregnancy has proven to be beneficial for both the mother and the baby. The feel-good benefits of exercising during pregnancy are irrefutable. Exercising during pregnancy helps you stay in shape and prepare for labor and delivery. Some of the benefits of exercise include reducing backaches, constipation, and swelling, boosting your mood and energy levels, better sleep, control over excess weight gain, and muscle strengthening and endurance. Ask your doctor what are the safe exercises based on your fitness level. Under no circumstances should you overexert yourself.

Nourish Your Body

Food is medicine. Choosing the right food can boost your mood, provide key nutrients and help the baby grow. Your body’s requirement of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins is double-fold during this period. Eating a balanced diet is one of the best ways to ensure your health during these nine months. It is advisable to fill your plate with fruits and vegetables, the more color the better. Foods like salmon, avocado, spinach, and berries are nutritional powerhouses that work wonders in keeping the mother happy and the baby healthy. Eating for two requires you to sustain hunger levels throughout the day. This necessitates a healthy self-care routine.

Beauty Routine

Pregnancy is the best time to assess your beauty collection and replace harmful products with organic or nontoxic brands. Pay attention to the changes in your skin during pregnancy. Not everyone is blessed with the famous glow of mothers to be. Reclaim the radiance of your skin by opting for a gentle skincare routine that’s beneficial for both you and the baby. When it comes to choosing products for the baby’s skincare, keep in mind the harmful chemicals that might prove hazardous to the baby’s health, even in the long term. is an organic and all-natural brand that produces organic baby products such as certified organic, all-natural baby cream, shampoo, and baby oil, etc. that are completely safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

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