Setting Fitness Goals As A New Mommy: A Busy Mom’s Guide

Setting Fitness Goals As A New Mommy: A Busy Mom’s Guide

One of the commonest complaints that most new moms have is the lack of sleep. And when one is up and about almost every hour of the day and constantly caring for an infant, one has very little time for self-care. This is partly the reason why new moms find grooming and exercising really difficult. It is important, however, to remember that the woman is the very backbone of the family. Her health and happiness tie directly into the wellbeing of the family, particularly the little bundle of joy that has now arrived in the world. This means that as a new mom, or as a mother to an infant, a toddler, a teenager, or an adolescent, you must prioritise your fitness goals.

Some of the ways to do it are as follows:

Health and nutrition

Post pregnancy hunger pangs are legendary. The hormonal changes make it more difficult to stay healthy and fit. This makes eating a healthy diet all the more important. Consult a dietitian or a nutritionist. A healthy, well-balanced diet must contain helpings of carbohydrates, fats, protein, and micronutrients. Fruits, nuts, and seeds are packed with micronutrients and give you instant energy. Foods like oatmeal, fenugreek seeds, green leafy vegetables, and alfalfa aid in lactation. Despite social norms, sugary sweets and high-fat foods are not great for new moms.

Exercise when you can

One of the reasons moms, busy moms, do not exercise is because of the lack of time. Leaving the child alone or balancing work and home are definitely time-consuming. This means that you must take time to exercise when you can. A walk to work or cycling to the grocery store, a short break to swim a couple of laps, or yoga while your child sleeps – these can all be worked into your busy schedule.

Make exercising fun

When the kids are a little older or perhaps your work schedule makes exercise look like a chore, it is best to take a different approach to exercise. Take up dancing or Zumba classes if that calls out to you. Joining a group of friends at yoga classes, cycling, or aerobic exercises can keep you from feeling the strain of exercising and can help you socialise and have fun at the same time.

Indulgence is essential

While eating healthy and working out is very important, true health and happiness come from beating the stress. Give yourself a break from time to time. When you have your partner or a family member to babysit, you may want to hire a masseuse or head off to the spa for some indulgence. Just as you pick out the right natural oil for baby skin, you may well look for the best organic products to keep your own skin healthy and glowing.

Go green

Fitness is always a product of good health and good health is much more than diet and exercise. There is much good that comes from living a natural lifestyle. The chemical ingredients that are part of the skincare, hair care products that we use are teeming with toxins. These get absorbed by the skin and lead to a toxic build-up in our bodies. True fitness comes from adopting a clean, green, toxin-free lifestyle. Just as you are determined to buy organic and natural baby massage oil for your little one, it is also important that your own skin and hair products be COSMOS ORGANIC certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to COSMOS Standard.

Lastly, be consistent. You could be a new mom or could be deft at balancing motherhood and family with your career and professional life. Whichever stage you are in, it is important to remember that being consistent is the key when it comes to fitness. Your health is a priority and must be treated as one. 

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