Something Every Parent Must Embrace

Something Every Parent Must Embrace

We live in a world where gender neutrality is increasingly in focus. From clothes to styling choices, from education to career, and from success to influence, gender stereotypes are routinely being discarded by the newer generations. To be able to teach your child to embrace this new world, you must also adopt a parenting style that promotes gender neutrality.

Parenting is, for the larger part, living out a life that shall define the ideals, the values, the goals that you want your children to build upon as they grow up. As the popular saying goes, “You teach, the child forgets; you do, the child learns”. This makes it necessary for every one of your choices to be conscious decisions, including raising your kids beyond gender stereotypes and ensuring they are empowered to make their own decisions and choices. These decisions could come in many forms.

Gone are the days when gender specific parenting used to be the norm. The 21st century has seen a shift towards gender neutral parenting because of the immense benefits that it has to offer. By being gender neutral, parents can play a vital role in increasing opportunities for their children, help their child to grow in a gender-neutral environment and have a healthy, liberal mindset. Things you can do to embrace gender-neutral parenting --

specific colours

Gender stereotyping starts well before birth. From looking forward to a “male heir” to picking the nursery colour, Indian society is riddled with gender dos and don’ts. Take a break from the ‘pink is for girls, blue for boys’ cliché. Children love all colours. Get your nursery painted in bright colours, dress your baby in every colour in the spectrum.

All about toys and dolls

Conditioning over the decades dictate our choices. Cooking sets and dolls for girls and cars and guns for boys are toys that we pick but this is gender stereotyping as well. Our babies and children need not learn this. It is perfectly fine to allow your child to pick up toys and games of their liking and choice. Your daughter may become a world-renowned sports person and your son a celebrity chef – open them up to the world of possibilities that lie in front of them.

Be a role model

To be a role model both parents need to divide up responsibilities. Household chores are not a “woman’s job” any more, nor is pursuing a career a “man’s job”. In most households these days both parents pursue active careers and it is important for children to understand that household responsibilities need to be shared too. Involve your child in small chores such as tidying up their toys and shelling peas. This will teach them the value of contributing to domestic responsibilities and self-reliance.

Use gender-neutral terms

Parents who are conscious about raising gender-neutral children in urban India and abroad are now referring to their children in gender-neutral terms! Instead of referring to their gender, the children are being referred to as "theybies" or even "hen".

Teach them confidence

Teach your children to grow up with confidence, to speak their mind, and to learn the value of kindness and compassion. Let them learn that the complexion of the skin does not determine one’s importance; the flair for arts is not gender-specific, success comes in many forms.

A child who is not taught gender stereotypes does not learn gender bias either. They have a very different way of looking at the world. They emerge like a pearl from the oyster and learn that everything is possible. They value skills over prejudice. They make the best champions for equality, opportunity, and diversity.

Also, most parents these days are looking to instil healthy habits and environment-friendly lifestyles in their children. Going organic, toxin-free, is the natural choice for such families. Picking up the best organic baby oil such as the certified organic baby oil is one such choice. As a parent you are opting for healthier, environment-friendly products rather than the most advertised but toxic products.

While looking out for other healthy products like certified organic baby wash and lotion, organic food is important to raise a healthy child, embracing gender neutrality is just as important in shaping the personality and attitude of your child.

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