The Quickest Head-To-Toe Baby-Care Routine

The Quickest Head-To-Toe Baby-Care Routine

When you become a new parent, the one thing that becomes a constant source of worry is your baby’s skincare routine. The market is overcrowded with baby skincare products that are sated with nasties or chemical ingredients. This leaves you in mayhem about what to choose and what to ignore. We understand how your mind acts all cynical about everything that is offered to you in the name of baby care. We, at, are here to calm all your worries and offer you a solution with our made-with-organic baby products to amp up your baby’s skincare routine. From baby massage products to baby bath products, has covered everything that an ideal baby skincare routine demands. Our baby products are super pure, nourishing and gentle. So, leave your quandaries behind and take a leap of faith in the goodness ocean.’s skincare range is certified COSMOS Organic by Ecocert (one of the largest organic certification organisations in the world) according to the Cosmos Standard. From ethical ingredient sourcing practices to product manufacturing, adheres to the most rigorous criteria set by Ecocert and COSMOS Standard to offer the best quality certified organic baby skincare products.

All you beautiful mothers, here you go with our super pure head-to-toe baby skincare routine that breathes organic to the core. Check it out:

Face and Body

When it comes to bathing your baby, you need to be fully prepared. Collect all the necessary things including a bathtub, organic bathing products, towel, face and body wipes, baby cleanser, baby moisturiser/oil, and bath toys. You can make it a real fun session for your baby (and yourself) by choosing the right products and of course, the right methodology.

If your baby is too young, you need not bathe him. Clean your baby’s body and face with the help of a soft washcloth soaked in lukewarm water. While using a washcloth, make sure to not scrub his or her face with it. The gentler you are in your efforts; the better it will turn out to be for the baby. If something is sticking to your baby’s face, take a face wipe and gently rub it off. Oftentimes, your baby’s neck remains ignored. As a result, dirt accumulates in the folds, making it prone to conditions like skin irritation. Ensure you wash your baby’s neck while bathing him or her.

Remember that bathing time is also an opportunity to bond with your baby at many levels and you should make the best of it.


Washing your baby’s hair is an experience in itself. To begin with, get a tear-free solution.’s certified organic head-to-toe wash and head-to-toe foam wash have a tear-free formula and can be used to wash your baby’s hair. When you are shampooing your baby’s hair, gently massage his or her scalp and carefully rinse it with water. After shampooing, dry your baby’s hair with a soft towel and comb them using a soft bristle brush. Washing your baby’s hair everyday may strip off the natural skin oils from his or her scalp, leaving it dry and scratchy. Washing them twice a week should be fine.


When it comes to diapering your baby, you need to be extra careful with the products you are choosing. We suggest using zero-alcohol wipes that are made with organic ingredients like aloe vera, rose water, etc.’s baby wipes fit the criteria well and that’s why a lot of mothers prefer them. Before you start diapering your baby, ensure that you have all the supplies including diapers, organic baby wipes, powder and moisturiser or cream.

You can begin with positioning a new diaper under your baby. Next, unhook the dirty diaper and carefully throw it in the dustbin. Now, grab your baby’s legs upwards and gently wipe the bottom. Make him or her wear the fresh diaper. If your child has a rash, you can apply’s multi-purpose cream to the affected areas. The cream has many benefits including protecting from diaper rashes, reducing dryness, and helping heal minor cuts. Your baby’s skin is super delicate and deserves the best care possible.

Made with certified organic ingredients including organic chamomile, rose water, almond oil, argan oil, coconut, glycerine, lavender, lemon, shea butter,’s products completely discard the use of toxins, silicones, petroleum, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and phthalates.

So, why wait? Gift your baby the goodness of organic with the baby skincare routine and make his or her skin breathe the ultimate joy!

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