What Makes Lemons Excellent Cleaners

What Makes Lemons Excellent Cleaners

A household staple for their incredible versatility, lemons are much more than a tangy ingredient to your food and drinks; they are a natural cleaner, too. The reason they are used as an ingredient in many products like cleansers, soaps, detergents, etc. including ones that are especially made for babies.

What makes lemons good cleaners? Well, there's a bit of science behind it.

As you know, these fruits are pretty sour. Chemically speaking, lemons contain citric acid. They are more acidic than orange juice and black coffee, although not quite as acidic as the juices in our gut that aid digestion. This is why lemons make effective cleaning agents.

Even though most types of detergent soaps available in the market are alkaline, when it comes to removing stubborn stains or cleaning metallic, non-permeable surfaces, acids like that of lemon can be useful. These powerful cleaners can eliminate stubborn stains caused by other acids, or combine with alkaline compounds to create powerful chemical reactions to remove stains.

When acidic items like tea, coffee, lipstick, soft drinks, paint, and sweat stain clothes, we need an acidic water-based solution to remove their marks. The same holds true for food-stained surfaces like cutting boards, plates, or bowls. Enter lemons. With the power of citric acid, lemons can remove difficult stains like these as well as alkaline “stains” like limescale or rust (iron oxide) by softening and dissolving the deposits.

What's more, lemons are antibacterial. Their acidity creates a hostile environment for many kinds of bacteria, including those that cause typhoid and diarrhea. It’s important to note, however, that lemon doesn’t have this effect on all pathogens, and although it doesn’t kill them, it just makes them inactive.

The powerful chemicals in lemon's acidity can also neutralise bad odours. Introducing acidity can neutralise the odours of bad smells like from cooking fish or decaying vegetables or garbage disposal which are alkaline. If the whole room reeks, try boiling lemon peels to get those fragrant acids to combat the stench in the air and create a natural room freshener. You can also rub a lemon on your fingers if your hands smell bad after cutting garlic or handling other items in the kitchen.

Needless to say, lemons have strong natural powers to clean stains, prevent bacterial growth, and remove bad odour. It is thus, high time you began to include it in your cleaning routine at home. There is no arguing that a clean and tidy house is an integral part of the health of all people residing in it, irrespective of age.

A clean and germ-free house is non-negotiable, especially when there are young ones in the house, as they are more vulnerable to germs and infections as they keep exploring around the house by crawling. That said, we tend to make the mistake of introducing dangerous, harsh chemicals into our family’s lives in the name of cleanliness and hygiene.

Thing is, when you have a lemon, why go for products that contain chemicals like phthalates, phosphates, petroleum solvents, VOCs, etc.? These chemicals can trigger strong allergic reactions in children's super delicate skin upon contact. They are known to cause rashes, irritation, and burning sensation on the skin. In order to treat these types of skin irritations, apply the certified organic baby moisturizer or lotion for a gentle, effective, and holistic cure.

Made with organic lemon, bio-cleansing agents, and food-grade ingredients, the goodness.me made with organic multi-purpose cleaner is a super-safe, all-in-one versatile and effective cleaning solution. It is suitable for cleaning tables and other surfaces, all kinds of baby accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables. What's more, it is hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested.

It cleans everything your baby comes in contact with very conveniently and ensures a safe, germ-free environment for the kids to play and grow in, and makes you free of all worries on this account.

In the ultimate analysis, you’ll always need to check the product labels and ingredients carefully to ensure that your home cleaners are safe and effective. If you use the goodness.me multi-purpose cleaner, you can avoid all this headache of picking the right surface cleaner for your house and utilizing the excellent cleansing powers of lemons.

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