Why Living Organically Will Reduce Your Stress

Why Living Organically Will Reduce Your Stress

Life to most feels like moving at a breakneck pace with no time to pause, reflect, and rest. Perhaps therefore the ritual of self-care has made its way to the lifestyles of many over the past few years. We’ve all heard the phrase while on the narrow aisle of an airplane: “Before assisting others, put your own mask first”. And deep down we seem to realise that this is one of the most critical lessons that life has to offer.

In honor of this in-flight wisdom, it’s easy to understand why the words “organic lifestyle” have become a cliché. However, going organic is more than just a passing fad. From environment and health to leading a stress-free life, an organic lifestyle bestows endless benefits. Stress can be deterring. Epiphany strikes when you also begin to experience repercussions associated with a stressful life: losing hair or weight. With physical health deteriorated, mental health takes a toll as well. The solution? Adopting an organic lifestyle.

Why Organic?

Many roll their eyes when asked to imbibe an organic lifestyle, but their perception often changes when told about the benefits. In general, organic living is all about a simple lifestyle with fewer chemicals, less-toxic ingredients, environment-friendly products and being surrounded with natural alternatives. In a way, it’s a lifestyle that makes you feel younger and look better. Here’s how:

Free from Chemicals

The health effects of artificial fertilizers are not unknown. Although some of them are safe for animals, their impact on humans is questionable. When ingested, their additives can lead to problems such as weight-gain, antibiotic- resistance and hyperactivity in children. Lindane, for instance, can lead to breast cancer when passed from cows to people via food. Organic farming methods help regulate the amounts of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilisers used in agriculture. This preserves the topsoil and reduces the amount of toxic chemicals in the environment, both of which are important. Devoid of hormones and drugs used in its non-organic counterparts, organic meat is better too. Also, bedding produced using pesticides can lead to allergic reactions. All this combined can play a role in anxiety and stress.

More Vitamins

Organic food is nutrient-rich. As compared to chemically grown foods, the soil used in organic produce is more nourished. From Vitamin C to iron, organic products always have more of the important minerals required for a healthy diet. And nowhere is the taste compromised. Being cultivated not for the appearance but the nutrition, organic food always tastes better. By adopting an organic lifestyle and focusing on fresh veggies and fruits, you will be able to keep your gut healthy and your immune system strong. Therefore, reducing your chances of being affected by a host of allergies! There are also some people whose intolerances to certain foods might just be reactions to certain chemicals which can be solved by simply going ‘organic’.

Improved Clothing

Besides feeling right on your skin, organic clothing feels just right for your conscience as well. Organically grown textile crops have many advantages that go far beyond your closet. Organic cotton is much softer than the conventional version and better to wear, especially for newborns with tender skin. What’s better? Its production involves no chemicals; therefore, no chances of allergies. For fans of leather items, vegan leather is an environmentally friendly version that does not promote animal cruelty. Shifting to chemical free clothing is an easy and small lifestyle change with many benefits.

Better Skincare

Like organic foods, organic skincare products are also made from chemical-free ingredients that can give you a youthful glow. In the absence of genetically modified ingredients, organic-certified products feature components that are traceable, natural, and not tested on animals. Such products are unlikely to cause any allergies or lead to any other skin issues such as blemishes or breakouts. Once you start using organic skin-care products, chances are you will be addicted for a lifetime.

All in all, an organic lifestyle makes you feel better and this makes absolute sense. With better health and skin, you will be happier and feel better about yourself, you will be more likely to exercise and sleep well, and you will be able to deal better with stress.

A healthy, stress-free, confident, happy and glowing you, this is what organic does to you. Sounds great, doesn't it?

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