Why You Must Allow Your Baby to Play Unrestricted

Why You Must Allow Your Baby to Play Unrestricted

One of the commonest mistakes new parents make is stocking up on a lot of baby things before the tiny one arrives. Now, we quite get the need to buy clothes, cribs, diapers, and even the best natural diaper rash cream but investing in toys, at this stage, can be superfluous. As soon as the child starts to see shapes, colours, and features, they become keener to explore the world. The initial few months are spent in the transition from the known and secure, like a parent’s face, to moving and exploring the room, house, park, and surroundings. Very young babies, when allowed to play unrestricted, touch and tug at their own hands, feet, fingers, toes, and hair. This is their way of exploring their little bodies. As they grow older, you may find them cooing and playing by themselves. This is very important. This teaches babies not to be excessively reliant on external stimuli and encourages them to explore.

Unrestricted play for toddlers and older children

As they start to grow up, unrestricted playtime is not only important but also essential. Let’s look at the reasons:

All About Creativity

Unrestricted play lacks structure. It does not restrict your child and does not box your child in with restrictive rules and guidelines. This allows your child’s creativity to soar. It helps the child to view things from a completely fresh perspective and fashion out new ways to use the props and come up with new ideas.

Natural Storytelling

Children are natural storytellers. Their active and colourful imaginations let them spin tales around the simplest of things in their environment. A favourite teddy could be the hero or a pet rabbit could be magical. Unrestricted play fosters this natural storytelling ability. It is best to make colours and picture books accessible but do not insist that your child use them.

Confidence Building Blocks

Babies are overly dependent on their parents when they are in their infancy. As they grow and develop, they take their first steps into a life of independence. This can be scary and overwhelming for the little ones. Unrestricted play is a great way to allow the child independence and build up some confidence without being tethered to adults. Having said this, it is best to keep an eye on the kids as they play by themselves.

Strong Little Ones

Unrestricted play also means that the child does all the physical activity without help or support; from filling a sand bucket to pulling up chairs or stocking blocks together. This physical activity will certainly make your little ones stronger. Some supervision is necessary to ensure they do not hurt themselves but apart from this, let them gain both strength and mental acuity in their playtime.

Self-Reliance Is King

Self-reliance is a natural corollary to confidence and skills development. Unrestricted playtime will teach your little ones to come up with cool games and play ideas to keep themselves entertained. Psychologists believe that this is important to decrease reliance on gadgets and electronic devices and to improve attention spans.

Things to keep in mind

While the unrestricted play is very important; as a parent, you will also want to look out for the child’s safety. Here are a few things to remember –

Babyproof your home when the little one seems ready for movement. Taping sharp edges, covering up low electrical sockets, removing vases and other breakable items from the floor, etc. should be at the top of your list.

Unrestricted play does not mean unsupervised play. Never leave your baby completely unsupervised during playtime, at least not for the first few years.

Getting dirty is part of playtime. Do not fuss but also keep the baby’s skin protected. The best natural baby lotion for newborns and babies is always a certified organic product that will hydrate, moisturize, and protect the child’s delicate skin.

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