About Us


Hi, we’re team goodness.me and we’re unabashedly #proudparents. Proud moms and dads to our (gorgeous) kids and really #proud of our range of (gorgeous) baby care products. But before we talk about them we need to tell you why we’re even making products.


As we went through our busy ‘LBB’ days, we didn’t really consider what we were putting on our skin or spraying in our houses – just blindly trusting that the products were good for us. It’s only when we all had babies we starting paying attention to the ingredient listings on the back of packs – and what we saw we really didn’t like!

A lot of ingredients we didn’t understand. And when we did understand them, we didn’t really like them: parabens, synthetic colours/fragrances and chemicals galore.

So we set ourselves a challenge – could we create products that would be full of goodness? Products we’d be proud to put on our own babies?

To be honest, this has been tougher than we ever could have imagined – but we think we’ve cracked it!

After more than 3 years of testing, re-testing, and testing again, not to mention ferreting about the world looking for the right ingredients, we are happy to present our first set of products to you. Filled-to-the-brim with organic, natural goodness, these products are super pure, super safe and super good for your little one(s).

goodness manifesto

Motherhood, actually, no, parenthood, is an absolute rollercoaster. Sometimes, you’re on top of the world, laughing and giggling with your little one. And sometimes, you (and your house) are a total mess. 

And the worry! What’s the best way of feeding your child, how to soothe them… and how do you get them to sleep (remember sleep??). The internet, your friends and family all lend an opinion, but the reality is that parenting is 50% worry, 50% wet wipes.

Behind all this worry is the desire to do the best for our babies, to surround them with love and give them the best possible start. At least that’s how we feel at goodness.me. We’re a team of adoring moms and doting dads who are on a mission to surround our babies with goodness.

But goodness me, has goodness.me taken time to develop! Sourcing organic and natural ingredients from all over the world, mixing them and testing everything over and over and over again. We’ve spent years agonising about how to make products multipurpose and months finding the easiest-to-use packaging – because we know that a parent is always short on time and hands!

And the result of this is something we’re really proud of. Really proud because we believe these products made with the goodness of organic and natural ingredients are super – super pure, super mild, super safe and super good. And perfect for your little superstar.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Team goodness.me