Organic Story


The simple answer is: we believe organic is better. Better for you, better for your children and better for our environment. And when deciding what ingredients we are putting on our children’s skin – we simply will not move – only the best will do.

Why is organic so good?

Organic products are made of natural ingredients that have been grown without any harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers; just how Mother Nature intended. A baby’s skin is incredibly soft and sensitive – so when formulating baby products we wanted to keep as far away as possible from such chemicals.

How is this different from natural?

The definition of ‘natural’ is a bit vague, especially when it comes to the beauty and skin care industry. Products containing ingredients that come from natural sources can be labelled natural but they may not be organically produced. This means they contain preservatives and chemicals or have been grown using pesticides. Sounds strange, right? Even worse, product makers only have to include 0.01% ingredients that are ‘natural’ to be able to market the product as such. This really didn’t sit well with us, so we did something about it! We made a commitment to organic. A commitment to the highest standards of ingredients. A commitment to only using ingredients that we would be happy putting on our children’s skin. And for us that’s organic.

certified organic v/s natural
Strict certification, including inspections Certified organicMUST NaturalNOT MANDATORY
Environment-friendly production MUST NOT MANDATORY
Keeps soil and water healthy MUST NOT MANDATORY
Use of approved organic farming methods YES NO
Genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) NEVER NO RESTRICTIONS
Use of toxic pesticides NEVER MOST LIKELY
Use of synthetic fertilisers NEVER MOST LIKELY

So how do we define what’s organic and who monitors what goes in?

organic certification

To ensure we stay true to our organic principles, we sought help from organic experts around the world. Enter Ecocert and the COSMOS-standard. Set up in France in 1991, Ecocert is one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world. The COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) sets out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics. They are incredibly robust and thorough so that consumers and the industry can trust that a brand carrying the Ecocert and COSMOS stamps are good for them and the environment.

Safety tests

And we didn’t just stop at the international certification. We went ahead and did multiple tests in India as well to ease your worries and earn your trust. Again we won’t launch anything that we’re not ready to use on ourselves and our children.

Oh, and our baby skincare products are cruelty-free and vegan too! As you can see our dedication to ‘goodness’ is exhaustive! Exhaustive, and exhausting! It’s been a long 'process' developing a range that adheres to such high standards, but when we started out we made a promise to ourselves, a promise that we couldn’t shake.

goodness promise

For us, organic is not just a fad; it’s a philosophy, a way of life. It is a commitment we’ve made to ourselves and a promise we’re making to you. This promise defines who we are, the way we think and how we create. It guides every ingredient, every formula and every product we make. And like us, it will continue to grow, because our role in creating a lifestyle that is all things good will never cease to exist:


Yes, we all know organic is sustainable, great for the planet and gentle on the skin but does that mean it works? With, you’ll never have to choose between what works for you and what’s inherently good for you. Our groundbreaking formulas are designed to deliver on both fronts, in equal measure.


When we started this journey more than three years ago, we set out with hundreds of raw materials to choose from with which to make our products. Finally, less than fifty made the cut. When it comes to ingredient selection, we follow the most stringent screening processes – there is no compromise! We believe harmful substances, irritants, toxins, or anything that isn’t up to our goodness standard have no place in our products, and more importantly, in your homes. Oh, and we keep testing. We explore, discover, evolve, learn, improve, test and re-test because we believe you deserve the good, the whole good and nothing but the good!


The reason we took more than three years to put together a range of baby skincare products is because of our commitment to quality – and to you! We figured the best way to gain your trust was to get one of the world’s largest organic certification organizations (Ecocert) to certify our baby skincare range. Plus, we’ve got our products certified by paediatricians and tested by dermatologists to ensure they’re hypoallergenic.


We can’t claim to be organic and good if we’re not 100% transparent with you. This is why all our labels have clearly called out ingredients according to international standards. In fact, we’ve gone a step further and called out the percentage of organic and natural ingredients on all our packs in compliance with the COSMOS Organic Standard. So that you know exactly what’s going on in the products you buy.